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Question from visitor, 05/06/2012 :I drive a BMW 540 Sport ( year 2000 ) and had to buy a new front tyre due to having a puncture and discovering my spare was damaged. I asked a different fitter to replace the other front tyre with the same type as the other one. I have just noticed that one new tyre is an XL and the other is not ! I am a bit annoyed as I wanted identical tyres on the same axle. Am i right to be concerned ? Tyre in question is Uniroyal Rainsport 2.Thanks for any help.
Answer by invité, 05/06/2012 :

Agreed.. different tyre treads and makes on same axle is bad enough but XL and SL are different constructions and you should demand the correct matching tyre is fitted as you ordered.


Answer by rezulteo, 05/06/2012 :


Thank you for your question.

Indeed, the tyre with the XL rating has a different load index to the other tyre on the same axle, and therefore the two tyres have different dimensions. 2 different dimensions on the same axle is not allowed, therefore you are right in being concerned. You should take this problem up with the fitter that fitted the XL rated second tyre.

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