Following yesterday`s question & answer

Question from visitor, 19/03/2015 :Guest 11392 Following yesterday`s question & answer , exact model is Mercedes Benz C200 SE Exec Auto. 2 litre engine, petrol.
Answer by rezulteo, 19/03/2015 :

Hello again,

From the information that you have given us, we believe that your car is Mercedes C 200 2.0L 184, with the dimension 225/50 R17.

We have been searching for the information but unfortunately we have not been able to find the correct tyre pressure. You should however find the recommended pressure;

- in the user manual

- on a sticker usually on the driver's door frame

- in the glove compartment

Otherwise please contact a Mercedes dealership near you.

We apologize that we have not been able to help you.

Best regards, the rezulteo team


Answer by invité, 19/03/2015 :

Sorry , but unable to trace my Merc through ` this page ` and can only reiterate the details shown above , and that the existing tyres [ Michelin 225/50/ R17 W94 ] were factory fitted by Mercedes when the car was built. They are fitted to the R11 wheel shown in the Mercedes new C Class booklet. Trust this further info may help.
Guest 11392


Answer by rezulteo, 19/03/2015 :

Hello again,

Thank you for your answer. We are still not 100% sure of the model of your vehicle. If you go to this page you can choose your vehicle, and than you can send us the link corresponding to your car and we will help you.

Thanks in advance,

the rezulteo team