Replacing Dunlop tyres by Accelera tyres on my Audi Q7 S liner

Question from mxolisi, 31/07/2014 :I' m replacing the original dunlop 295/35 R21 107y tyres for Audi Q7 S liner with Accelera 295/35 R21 107y XL .
Could you please advise me whether it is a good tyer in terms of performance because the original was Sport and the fact that the tyre is not familiar. Thank you.
Answer by rezulteo, 31/07/2014 :

Hello Modi,

As we don' have a lot of information about this tyre brand, we recommend you to look at other more well-known brands. Indeed, it will be more coherent for you (and your vehicle performances) to look at brands like Michelin, Vredestein, Uniroyal... Can you tell us what your budget is? We will have a look for you about which tyre seems to be the best.

Best regards,

The rezulteo team.