Quiet tyres for Hyundai i30

Question from visitor, 15/06/2012 :I Have a Hyundai i30 diesel estate fitted with the original hankook k415 optimo 185-65-15H tyres they seem to produce a lot of road noise, can you recommend a quieter running tyre as i will need to replace these tyres soon.
Answer by invité, 15/06/2012 :

I had ContiSportContact's for that reason, however they wear very quickly, 11k miles on the fronts on a 2.0L Focus diesel est.


Answer by rezulteo, 15/06/2012 :


Thank you for your question.

We would advise you to visit this page: https://tyres.rezulteo.co.uk/car-4x4-van-tyres/hyundai/i30

Once there, click the specification, engine size, and size of your tyres.

You will then be able to find the best tyres that we can recommend you, an using our ratings, find the quietest.

The rezulteo team