VW Sharan tyre specifications?

Question from visitor, 24/09/2012 :Hi.
Your advice sought.We keep a VW Sharan overseas. We also have one in the UK.
When we replace tyres on the UK vehicle we fit 205R15 Reinforced tyres like the OEM tyres
We recently had to fit tyres to our Overseas Sharan.
The word ”Reinforced” caused a complete blank with our overseas tyre fitter and the overseas Sharan is now fitted with un-reinforced tyres.
Should we be concerned? What is your advice on this?
Answer by rezulteo, 24/09/2012 :


It is not an obligation to have reinforced tyres on your vehicle as long as the dimensions, load index and speed index specified by the manufacturer are respected. If this is the case, there is no reason to be concerned.

Happy driving!

The rezulteo team