Will 225-55R17 snow tyres fit on my Audi A5 Cabriolet?

Question from newfie, 18/06/2014 :Have 225-55R17 SNOW TIRES FOR MY AUDI A6 ON WHEELS.WILL THEY FIT ON AN A-5 CABRIOLET
Answer by rezulteo, 18/06/2014 :


By selecting your engine type here: https://tyres.rezulteo.co.uk/car-4x4-van-tyres/audi/a5/a5-cabriolet you will find all tyre sizes approved for your Audi A5 Cabriolet. Keep in mind that speed and load index are also important when changing your tyre size.

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Answer by newfie, 18/06/2014 :

I am looking at the A5 2.0 t


Answer by rezulteo, 18/06/2014 :

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We need to know what size engine you have first in order to give you a good answer. Can you tell us please?

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