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Question from visitor, 04/07/2016 :Hi, Please help me with this information. I have fitted ContiSportContact 5 on my car. The tire size is 225/45R18.
I have recently measured my tyre tread depth. The results were 3mm tread depth but the tyre wear indicators were already flushing with the tread. So I am confused now because I thought that the TWI will start to show at 1.6mm. I drive a BMW 320i 2013 model. I stay in Johannesburg. I would also like to know that is the height of the tread wear indicator? What is the tread depth of the new ContisportContact 5?
Answer by rezulteo, 04/07/2016 :


It's true that the Tread Wear Indicator starts to show at 1.6 mm. Please find more info on this topic here.

Unfortunately, tyre manufacturers don't provide us with the information on the exact tyre tread depth for new tyres. It usually lies between 8 and 9 milimeters. How did you measure your current tread depth?

The 1.6 mm tread depth is the absolute minimum tread depth standard.

Continental recommends the following tread depthsfor tire replacement:

- summer tires 3 mm

- winter tires 4 mm

Since your CSC5's are summer tyres, with just 3mm tread depth left, and you mention the TWI is already showing, we would recommend you to already consider changing your tyres soon.

We're sorry that we can't help you with the exact tread depth of new ContisportContact 5's.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further questions on tyre maintenance or purchase advice.

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