Duration for a set of tyres at normal driving, app mileage?

Question from visitor, 10/08/2016 :Duration for a set of tyres at normal driving, app mileage?

Answer by rezulteo, 10/08/2016 :


This completely depends of your brand/type of tyres, the age of your tyres, your vehicule, the load of your car, the usage of your tyres (mostly motorways or mostly city?), (extreme) weather conditions, tyre pressure, the quality of maintenance and yes, your driving style (speed, acceleration, braking). So there's too many factors involved to give you a specific answer.

Tips to increase the wear life or your tyres:

- if you use a set of summer and winter tyres, make sure you store them properly.

- Make sure your tyres wear evenly and try to prevent abnormal wearand switch them around to ensure they will wear evenly.

- Check your tyre pressure once a month to optimise your tyre wear and your saftey on the road.

And finally, you need to know when your tyres reach the end of their lifespan, so you don't drive with tyres that have passed their Tyre Wear Indicator.

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