Best tyre vs. costs

Question from visitor, 27/10/2016 :In this time which tyre brand is best
And what be cost
Answer by rezulteo, 27/10/2016 :


That completely depends on many factors. What kind of tyre are you looking for (summer, winter, all season)? What kind of vehicle do you use? What is your average mileage?

If you would prefer all seasons over winter-/summer tyres, you would save yourself the fitting charges, for example.

As a tyre buying guide, we would definitely recommend premium brand tyres (e.g. Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Michelin and Pirelli). A very popular all year round tyre right now - with excellent test resultst in different weather conditions - would be the Michelin CrossClimate:

Please let us know more about your driving style, budget and vehicle to give you a more personal recommendation.

Kind regards,

Team rezulteo.


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