The tyres on my 4wd have directional tread...

Question from visitor, 13/07/2011 :The tyres on my 4wd have directional tread, can these tyres be rotated from 1 side of vehicle to the other diagonaly as the tread direction will then be different. If they cannot i dont understand why as my spare wheel is also directional which is the original that came with the car.
Answer by rezulteo, 13/07/2011 :


Thank you for your question.

Without knowing what tyre is on your vehicle, it's hard to answer with complete certainty.

However, we would advise you to take a close look at your tyre, and see if there is an arrow on the side of it, which points out which way the tyre should roll, or alternatively, if there is a designated mounting direction (engraved on the inside and outside of the tyre).

Knowing this, you'll be able to find out if your spare tyre can be used anywhere on the vehicle, which is usually the case.

We hope this answers your question,