My Renault Scenic 1.6 16v Alize (X Registration - 2000...

Question from Scenic, 27/12/2010 :My Renault Scenic 1.6 16v Alize (X Registration - 2000 year of manufacture) requires 2 new tyres on the front. The current ones are 185 / 65 / R15 88T. Would tyres with a slightly larger width be suitable? Say a 205 / 65 / R15 88T.I've checked the cars manual for information on maximum tyre width but can't see anything about this.The reason I ask is I'm thinking of getting low rolling resistance tyres for the front but I've read grip levels might not be as good with them so I'm assuming a slightly wider version would compensate a bit for that loss.
Answer by rezulteo, 27/12/2010 :

We do not recommend a different size tires front and rear because it would cause an imbalance in the car.

The size of the surface footprint is not related to the size of the tire as being equal pressure all the footprints on the ground have about the same area. What changes is the shape of the ground more longitudinal narrow tires, most cross with wide tires.With the widest tires you will have a better behavior mainly on dry.