Driving safely in rain

Drive safely

It’s important to feel safe behind the wheel, and we can help with tips and advice on how to adapt your driving to accommodate adverse weather conditions or tyre problems. How to drive in snow? How to avoid aquaplaning? How to respond to a run flat tyre puncture? Is ABS really reliable? We have all the information you need to help ensure a safe drive for you and your passengers...

Driving in emergency situations

Flat tyre, brake failure, loss of control: how to respond to a driving emergency

A flat tyre, brake failure or momentary loss of control can happen to anyone, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for any eventuality. In this guide we tell you how to react in a driving emergency to keep yourself and your passengers safe.


3 errors to avoid when driving in winter

In winter, you sometimes have to deal with unexpected driving conditions: snow, ice, difficult traffic conditions… Know how to prepare yourself and your vehicle for any eventuality: learn how to prepare your car for the cold, how to drive on snow or ice, and also how to react if your vehicle loses grip!

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