I've got a flat tyre

I've got a flat tyre

A flat tyre puts you at risk! Learn to interpret tyre pressure sensor warnings and detect air leaks. Also discover the various ways of repairing a tyre. This section contains all the information you need to ensure that your tyres are well inflated.

TPMS maintenance: everything you need to know

Mandatory on new vehicles since 1st November 2014, tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) continually monitor the air...

Nitrogen inflation

Nitrogen or air inflation: what should you choose for your tyres?

Most tyre retailers and fitting centres offer the possibility of inflating your tyres with nitrogen. This gas has long b...

Winter tyre pressure

What is the correct pressure for your tyres in winter?

Did you know that the outside temperature affects the pressure in your tyres? Discover what adjustments you should make ...

The two types of tyre pressure sensor

Direct or indirect TPMS - what’s the difference?

TPMS stands for tyre pressure monitoring system. These systems have been fitted to all new vehicles for sale as of Novem...

Regularly check your tyre pressure for safe driving

Tyre pressure: when and how to put air in your tyres?

You have no doubt noticed that your tyres deflate slightly with use. This is perfectly normal, tyres are not 100% airtig...