Tyre regulations and the highway code

Comply with the law

Know when and where winter tyres are mandatory, choose the right tyre size, change the size in compliance with regulations, pass the MOT and avoid fines.... This guide provides all the necessary information you need to know about UK tyre law and European tyre regulations: snow, highway code, tyre labelling, TPMS, tread depth…


Is UTQG a reliable source of information when choosing new tyres?

You may well have already seen the UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grading) marking displayed on your tyres. This standard grades tyre performance based on three criteria: treadwear, traction and temperature. It's mandatory for the US market and optional elsewhere, but is it useful for choosing new tyres? We give you the details...


Approval markings: are your tyres compliant?

Before buying a tyre, you may want check its quality, origin, date of manufacture and approval for use in the UK and abroad. So what are the different certifications and standards for tyres, and how can you be sure that a tyre is certified? The answers to these questions lie in the markings stamped on the tyre’s sidewall. Find out how to read them...

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