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Mobile tyre fitting: how does it work?

You’ve probably already heard of mobile tyre fitting. With this service you can buy your new tyres online and have them fitted at home or at your place of work. In this guide, we tell you all you need to know about how this service works.
Mobile tyre fitting

Is mobile tyre fitting a good option for you? Find out more about this service. © rezulteo

How does mobile fitting work?

Getting new tyres can be quite a hassle. With mobile tyre fitting you can save time and have your tyres fitted at home or at another location of your choice, for example at work. The service is offered by a wide range of tyre retailers, and is intended to maximize customer comfort and convenience.

Tyre fitting convenient to you

1. Buy your tyres online

First select your tyres. You can buy from a specialised mobile fitting provider or a conventional tyre retailer that offers an optional mobile fitting service. In most cases you just need to enter your postcode to find out if the service is available in your area. Tyre retailers will usually offer to fit your tyres at home, at your place of work or another location of your choice, provided that it is safe and spacious enough (usually a car park or driveway). 

rezulteo tip: make sure you have space beside your vehicle for the mobile fitting van and its equipment! As a rule of thumb, you should be able to open all your doors fully and enter the vehicle, this will give the technician enough room to fit your tyres.

2. Make an appointment

Choose a convenient slot for fitting. Many mobile fitting providers offer evening and weekend slots for added convenience, although this might cost you extra in some cases. After you’ve placed your order online, the fitter will generally call you back to confirm the appointment time, location and other details. 

Depending on the company chosen, payment will be made online at the time of booking or directly to the fitter on the day of fitting.

3. Delivery and fitting

Finally, a fully equipped mobile fitting van will arrive at the agreed meeting place to deliver and fit your new tyres.

A tyre-fitting workshop at your doorstep

Now let’s look at the mobile fitting procedure in a bit more detail. Mobile fitters use a special van that has been converted into a tyre-fitting workshop. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment:  

  • Your new tyres
  • Jacks to lift your car
  • Tyre changer
  • Air compressor
  • Wheel balancer 
Mobile fitting van


The removal of your old tyres and fitting of the new ones is carried out in the same way as a standard fitting at a conventional garage:

  1. The vehicle is lifted with a jack
  2. The tyre changer separates the tyre from the rim
  3. The new tyre is fitted on the rim
  4. The inflation pressure is checked
  5. The fitting ends with the balancing of each wheel

You should allow an hour to fit four tyres.

What's included in the price?

For most tyre dealers offering mobile fitting, the price of the service includes:

  • Labour
  • Valve replacement (except electronic valves)
  • Balancing
  • Transport costs 
  • Recovery of old tyres

Some fast fitters and online retailers offer mobile fitting at no extra charge, other dealers charge an additional £5 to £30 compared to the standard price for fitting at a garage. The price can vary according to the number of tyres fitted and the appointment chosen.

Most mobile fitters have a minimum order of two tyres

Which retailers offer mobile fitting?

If you’re tempted to try mobile tyre fitting, several of the major fast fitters now offer this service, including Kwik Fit, National Tyres & Autocare and ATS Euromaster. Some online tyre retailers also have mobile fitting partners in certain areas, for example Black Circles and MyTyres

Last but not least, there are also a number of specialist mobile fitting companies such as Event Tyres, ETyres and Tyres on the Drive.  

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