All about fitting tyres

All about fitting tyres

Preparing to buy new tyres, rotate your tyres or swap your summer tyres for winter tyres? Here you can learn how to change a tyre, and get information on wheel alignment and balancing, as well specific guidance about fitting run flat tyres and winter tyres.

When fitting asymmetric tyres, follow the inside and outside markings on the sidewall.

How to fit asymmetric and directional tyres

Asymmetric and directional tyres have structural characteristics which mean that they need to be fitted according to specific rules. In this guide, find out how to fit asymmetric and directional tyres correctly to ensure the best performance on all surfaces.

Alignment and balancing of tyres

Wheel balancing and alignment, your safety guarantee

Does your vehicle vibrate when driving, especially at the steering wheel or does it tend to pull to the left or right? Do your tyres seem to wear unevenly, with more pronounced wear on certain parts of their surface? If so, you may have a balancing or alignment problem. In this guide, we tell you how to detect this kind of problem and what to do about it.


Fitting run-flat tyres: ask a professional

You’ve no doubt heard about the advantages of run-flat tyres: first and foremost, they allow you to continue driving aft...

Mobile tyre fitting

Mobile tyre fitting: how does it work?

You’ve probably already heard of mobile tyre fitting. With this service you can buy your new tyres online and have them fitted at home or at your place of work. In this guide, we tell you all you need to know about how this service works.

Tyre fitting rules

Tyre fitting: trust the professionals

Need to change one or more tyres on your vehicle? We recommend you go to a tyre fitting centre or garage: tyre fitting is a specialized job which should only be carried out by a professional. Here are all the details on fitting and changing tyres.

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