Question from Gee, 31/01/2011 :

I am purchasing 4 new Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyres. I have read that these tyres are asymmetric and have wider blocks on the outside shoulder and smaller blocks on the inside shoulder. Does this mean that you have to make sure that you tyres for the offside wheels and different tyres for the nearside wheels to make sure they are fitted correctly with the wider blocks always on the outside of the tyre ?

Thank you


Answer by jon, 31/01/2011 :

You are correct. Instead of directional arrows, asymmetric tyres mark the inside and the outside of the tyre. All you have to make sure is that the “outside” of the tyre is… well on the outside :)


Answer by rezulteo, 31/01/2011 (updated 06/03/2018) :

Hello, thanks for your question.

All asymmetric tyres should have the outside/inside position specified on the sidewall, you can follow these indications to help you fit your tyres the right way around.

For more information, you could also check out our guide to tread patterns.

Hope this helps.

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The rezulteo team.

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