There are many retailers from which you can buy car tyres at the best price: internet, garages, dealers, car centres and other tyre specialists.

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Buy tyres at a competitive price: online, at an auto centre, from a dealer or a tyre specialist
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Before buying your tyres, ask yourself what you need. Do you need advice before choosing your tyres, do they need to be fitted, do you prefer competitive prices? rezulteo will help you choose the internet or physical retailer to find the best priced tyres to equip your car. So, do you want to know where to buy tyres?

Buy tyres on internet: the cheap solution

An increasing number of consumers are interested in buying tyres online. With unbeatable prices, it’s hardly surprising. The tyre budget can be 30% less on Internet than in stores and at dealerships. Some retailers even propose a service to fit tyres at home, to be chosen from a large choice of partner centres; an option that can make life easier for drivers.

Is buying tyres online the solution to get the best price?
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But before using your computer to choose tyres at the best price, note your tyre sizes! Are you hesitating between several tyre brands? If you buy tyres online via rezulteo, you may miss the personalised advice from a salesman; but you will have the advantage of comparing the performances of various tyres using published tests.

For more personal advice, we are happy to answer your questions directly on Facebook or by e-mail.

Buy tyres from a dealer: they’ll take care of everything!

Consulting your dealer or an approved garage is the easy solution to buy tyres. Practical, this professional for your car range has warned you that your worn tyres need to be changed soon. And, you only have to give your consent for the garage to place the order, fit and balance the tyres.

Since it is an approved garage for your car brand, the bill is likely to be on the steep side. Your dealer often offers a limited choice of tyres preferring specific models with the manufacturer’s marking. Therefore, you should make sure that the tyres meet your driving needs!

Your dealer will know how to offer valuable advice to help you choose the right tyre for your needs. But don’t forget, even if the tyres are not as cheap as on the Internet, the dealer provides quality parts and a great technical service.

Buy tyres in an auto centre: additional maintenance

Auto centres such as Kwik-Fit, Formula One, and In‘n’Out, can be found all over the country. You can always find one in a business park or close to home to buy your new tyres. These retailers mainly propose the best-known tyre brands without necessarily having a large choice.

The advantage of auto centres is that you can use the opportunity to change your car oil or shock absorbers when replacing your tyres. Also, you may have noticed that auto centres regularly propose special offers to buy tyres at the best price or any other service.

Remember they provide car maintenance for all types of cars without specifications.

Buy tyres from a specialist: personalised advice

If you are looking for a tyre specialist where you can buy the right tyres, retailers such as ATS Euromaster, National or FirstStop offer a large choice of tyre brands and often have special offers. You can be sure to buy tyres at a competitive price.

Their advantage? These tyre professionals can help you choose the right tyre with advice that meets your needs. Tyre specialists have also developed the maintenance offer: they propose the same services as auto centres. 

Compare and buy tyres

Whether on Internet or in a store, you are sure to find what you are looking for and buy your tyres at the best price. But first, don’t forget to compare tyres on rezulteo. And, remember to check the current special offers and discounts for your tyre sizes.

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