So you need to buy new tyres but you’re not sure which sizes will fit your vehicle? rezulteo can help! Just enter a few details about your car or van into our vehicle directory and we’ll give you compatible tyre sizes. If you’re not sure about your vehicle's specification, then you can check your V5 registration certificate (log book) which contains all the information on your car (registration year, fuel type, engine etc.) Read on to find out how to use your log book to find your tyre size...

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How to read your registration certificate to buy the right tyres
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You can determine which tyre sizes are suitable for your vehicle with 5 key pieces of information from section 4 (vehicle details) of  your vehicle registration certificate. These are: make, model, year, fuel type and engine. Here’s where to find them…

Vehicle year

The vehicle year is simply the date of first registration. The complete date is indicated in part B of the vehicle details section, you only require the year.

Vehicle fuel type

This is listed in part P.3 of the vehicle details section under Type of fuel and can sometimes also be found on your vehicle’s fuel flap.

Vehicle engine

For the vehicle’s engine, you’ll need 2 pieces of information from your V5C: the capacity (litres) and power (hp).

  1. Part P.1  indicates the cylinder capacity (cc) of your vehicle. Divide this number by one thousand to obtain your capacity in litres. For example, if your cylinder capacity in part P.1 is 1398 CC, then the capacity of your car is 1.398 litres, which is rounded up to 1.4 litres.
  2. Part P.2 indicates the power of your car in kilowatts. To obtain the power in metric horsepower, simply multiply this number by 1.36. For example, if the number in part P.2 is 50 kW, then the power of your vehicle in hp is 50 x 1.36 = 68 hp, which is rounded up to 70 hp.


This example shows the 5 pieces of information which can be entered into the rezulteo vehicle directory to find approved tyre sizes for this vehicle:

  • Make: Volkswagen (part D.1)
  • Model: Golf SV SE TSI (part D.3)
  • Model year: 2015 (part B)
  • Fuel type: Petrol  (part P.3)
  • Engine: 1.4 TSI 125 (parts P.1 and P.2)
    • 1.4 is the capacity in litres (1395 CC in part P.1)
    • 125 is the power in hp (92 kW in part P.2 of the log book)
    • TSI refers to the car having a petrol engine (see part D.3 -model)

In conclusion

Only 5 pieces of information are required to find your vehicle’s approved tyre sizes. A final word of advice: unless you want to change your wheels, be sure to choose a set of tyres with the same rim diameters (e.g. R16) as your current tyres to guarantee the fit.

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