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Tyres for LANCIA Voyager 3.6 V6 283

Find summer and winter tyre sizes for LANCIA Voyager 3.6 V6 283. Select a tyre size to access the list of available products and compare prices. On this page, you'll also find information on the speed rating and maximum load index for your LANCIA Voyager 3.6 V6 283.

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Tyre sizes

Approved sizes for summer and winter tyres ?

Tyre sizes approved for a car by the manufacturer. These are determined according to the vehicle's specification in order to meet specific performance, handling, braking, lifespan and fuel consumption criteria. A vehicle is usually approved for several tyre sizes in order to meet various needs. For technical and legal reasons, it is strongly recommended to keep to the approved tyre sizes.

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressures for LANCIA Voyager 3.6 V6 283

The tyre pressures shown are for guidance only. For more information, please check your vehicle user manual or driver side door frame.

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Vehicle information

  • On LANCIA Voyager 3.6 V6 283 the tyre fitment is square which means the 4 tyres are the same size.?For passenger cars two types of tyre fitment are possible: staggered or square. Square fitment means that identical tyres are fitted on the front and rear axels. This is found on most vehicles available on the market. Staggered fitment whereby different tyre sizes are fitted on front and rear axles is usually found on rear wheel drive vehicles.
  • The maximum speed of your vehicle is 130 mph.
  • The maximum permissible loads are 2950 kg on the front axle and 3100 kg on the rear axle.
  • MPV vehicles such as your LANCIA Voyager 3.6 V6 283 are designed for largely non-sports use.
  • Your vehicle has a 3.6 V6 283 engine which is a v6 engine producing 283 hp for a capacity of 3604 cc.
  • LANCIA Voyager 3.6 V6 283 is a MPV or van.