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Goodyear presents its AA concept tyre

The new Pirelli Cinturato tyre

Pirelli Cinturato P1: a green tyre that doesn’t ignore driving pleasure

With the Cinturato P1, Pirelli intends to prove that it's possible to reconcile ecology, safety and driving comfort. Designed for small and medium-sized cars, the Cinturato P1 has greatly improved fuel consumption and noise emissions compared to the Cinturato P4 and P6, without lowering performance in terms of braking, driving precision or longevity.

Dunlop Sport Maxx Race Tyre

Dunlop Sport Maxx Race: A racing tyre for the road (or the contrary)

Alongside the Sport Maxx RT presentation, Dunlop unveiled the Sport Maxx Race, an elitist tyre for super car owners who drive their car on the road and the track. Here’s a detailed review of this eye-catching newcomer and the test behind the wheel of an Audi R8 V10.