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2020 Auto Zeitung high performance tyre test with 20 tyres

Auto Zeitung best summer tyres test
Winter tyre Yokohama iceGuard iG53 for driving on snow

Yokohama prepares next winter with the iceGuard iG53 tyre

Yokohama iceGuard iG53, the new winter tyre for a wide range of passenger cars will be available for sale from this autumn. It will cover a wide range of tyre sizes. A tyre for snow and ice which offers a good driving feel and a safe ride!

Nokian Snowproof P winter tyre for snow and ice

Nokian Snowproof P: a winter tyre with advanced grip

The Nokian tyre brand has already announced the launch of its new UHP winter tyre for Central European countries: the Snowproof P. High performance handling and reliable winter grip, a Nokian promise to deliver peace of mind for passenger car drivers.

2020 summer tyre test: AutoBild’s verdict on the 20 best UHP tyres

2020 Autobild summer tyre test
Yokohama Geolandar CV G058: M+S summer tyre for SUVs

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058: M+S summer tyre for SUVs

Yokohama continues to unveil its new tyres to be launched shortly. It is the GEOLANDAR CV G058’s turn to be presented as an M+S marked summer tyre. It is dedicated to the SUV and crossover segment for long distance driving, offering safety and low fuel consumption.

ACE Lenkrad summer tyre test

ACE Lenkrad summer tyres test: the best intermediate tyre brands

With the test season of all tyre types in full swing, the Automobile Club Europa magazine has decided to innovate this year with a test which does not include premium tyre brands. Nine “alternative” tyres were compared in the size 215/55 R17 for the Audi Q2 SUV.

Yokohama BluEarth GT-AE51: a new summer tyre

Yokohama launches a SUV summer tyre: BluEarth-GT AE51.
Lexus LF-30 concept car equipped with Goodyear concept tyres

Goodyear concept tyre for the electric LF-30

Once again, the 2020 Geneva Motor Show was the opportunity to present innovative projects for future mobility. The Lexus LF-30 electric concept car was unveiled during the event fitted with four Goodyear concept tyres designed to build on the innovative features of the luxury car.

Yokohama BluEarth Winter V906 winter tyre

New Yokohama BluEarth*Winter V906 winter tyre

The new Yokohama BluEarth*Winter V906 winter tyre will be launched this autumn in 30 different sizes. Mainly designed for city cars, it follows on from its predecessor, the BluEarth*Winter V905 with performances improved by new technologies.

Continental announces the new WinterContact TS 870

The Continental WinterContact TS 870 winter tyre offers grip on snow