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The 7 best all season tyres for a city car

Best all season tyre for a city car: wet grip is a selection criterion
The new Nokian Seasonproof all-season tyre is available for passenger cars, SUVs and CUVs

Nokian Seasonproof, the innovative all-season tyre

Nokian continues its expansion on the all-season tyre market. The Finnish brand has recently launched its new range of tyres for passenger cars and crossovers (SUV and CUV): the Seasonproof and Seasonproof SUV. This new range stands out through its innovations and the promise of first-class safety regardless of unpredictable weather conditions!

All season tyre test Volkswagen T6: grip and braking performance on wet roads

2020 All season tyre test: a compromise solution for ADAC

The Swiss Touring Club (TCS) and ADAC continue their long standing partnership with the publication of a new tyre test. After testing summer tyres in the size 235/55 R17 for vans, the automobile associations have chosen the same size for this all season tyre comparison test.

3 ideas for outings by car

Touring by car: zoo, open air cinema, visiting towns
Games to play in the car when setting of on holiday with children which require no equipment

8 games that need no equipment to play in the car

A car journey can be very long when setting off on holiday! You have prepared all the luggage but once on the road, you remember you have forgotten all the games for the kids to play in the car. No panic! Let’s forget the screens and boxed games for a while. For young and old, we propose 8 games for you to play which do not require any equipment.

Michelin Track Connect: connected tyre solution for amateur and professional drivers

Michelin Track Connect launches a free version for all

The new version of Track Connect is available with free functions for all. The connected tyre solution has evolved since the first generation was launched two years ago. Michelin wanted a product open to all and in line with the needs of amateur and professional drivers. Let’s take a look at the use of this connected tyres technology with its innovations. What are the 3 new application modes? What car has the Track Connect kit?

How to cool your car in hot weather?

Avoid heat inside a car: how to keep it cool in summer?
Save money on car insurance

How to save money on car insurance

Owning and running a car comes at a cost. We all like to save money, especially when it comes to auto insurance and cutting the costs of your premium. Using online insurance comparators is the first thing to do. What else you need to do as a driver? Here is how to save money while getting the coverage you need.

Intelligent system for tyre safety by Bridgestone and Microsoft

Bridgestone enhances tyre safety with Microsoft

Tyres brands have placed future mobility at the heart of their projects. The safety of motorists involves the prevention of tread wear and tyre pressure. But not only! The condition of roads used on a daily basis affects damage to the tread, which is often not detected immediately. And, damaged tyres can alter the handling of the vehicle. The real time tyre monitoring system developed by Bridgestone and the Microsoft platform for connected vehicles closes this gap.

Hankook, Formula E tyre partner from 2022

Hankook will supply tyres for Formula E electric cars

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