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2020 Best winter tyres: 9 tyres tested by ACE Lenkrad

Winter tyre test: ACE Lenkrad has compared tyres for cars on snow
SUV winter tyres test: Auto Bild compares tyres on the BMW X1

2020 Top winter tyres for SUVs: 10 tyres compared by Auto Bild

The Auto Bild magazine has tested and compared 10 tyres for SUVs, such as the BMW X1, in the size 255/55 R17. The German magazine urges us to buy quality tyres, even if they are sometimes more expensive.

Winter sports tyre test: Auto Bild compares tyres for sports cars on snow

2020 Winter sports tyre comparison test: 12 best snow tyres according to Auto Bild

The German magazine Auto Bild has tested 12 winter tyres in the size 225/40 R18 on a Golf GTI. Is it really possible to drive a sports car safely in winter without losing any performance?

2020 All season tyre test: 9 best tyres according to Tyre Reviews

All season tyre test: Tyre Reviews compares tyres on a wet track
Winter tyre test: Auto Express compares tyres on the VW Golf

2020 Winter tyre test by Auto Express: 9 tyres tested in size 205/55 R16

The famous British magazine, Auto Express has published a test of 9 winter tyres in the size 205/55 R16 for city and passenger cars. This comparison test is a little special since coronovirus restrictions prevented the magazine from completing the test, but it provides a good idea of the best winter tyres currently available.

Winter tyres test for SUVs: ADAC and TCS compare tyres for the snow

2020 – Best winter tyres for SUVs and cars according to the ADAC/TCS test

ADAC and the Swiss Touring Club have compared the best SUV winter tyres for the 2020 winter season. Of the 13 tyres tested in the size 235/55 R17, only one tyre lived up to expectations whereas all the other tyres showed their limits.

The 15 best compact car winter tyres for 2020 tested by ADAC and TCS

Winter tyre test: TCS and ADAC compare tyre grip on wet roads
All season tyre test: Auto Bild conducts a major comparison test of all season tyres for city and compact cars

2020 Auto Bild tyre test: 32 all season tyres extensively tested

Safety in all weather conditions? Such is the promise of the all season tyres that Auto Bild tested in its latest test. The German magazine selected 32 tyres in the popular size 205/55 R16 to test them on the road.

Winter tyre test: Auto Bild compares 51 winter tyres on the BMW 5-Series

2020 Auto Bild winter tyre test: 51 tyres compared for 18-inch rims

Auto Bild has published a new, comprehensive tyre comparison test. For this winter, the German magazine has tested no less than 51 winter tyres in the size 245/45 R18 for the BMX 5-Series and other high performance passenger cars and estate cars.

HankookWinter i*cept evo 3: car or SUV, a winter tyre for each

Hankook Winter i*cept evo 3 winter tyre for SUVs or cars

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