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Read about the latest tyre tests carried out by our expert in-house test driver, and find out more about the results of tests conducted by official bodies and the automotive press.

Yokohama ADO8R: fully tested by Rezulteo

Yokohama Advan AD08R
In the semi-slick tyre category, Yokohama has always set the benchmark. Its latest addition, the AD08R has a huge potential that we were able to appreciate in a Mitjet 2L during the endurance race held at the Magny-Cours circuit.

Yokohama V905: rezulteo’s test

Yokohama Winter test with Audi
Yokohama has just launched two new products on the market. One is a winter tyre, the V905, and the other, the iceGuard iG55, a studded Nordic tyre designed for harsh winters. Yokohama gave us the opportunity to test them on its development track in the north of Sweden, just a stone’s throw from the Arctic Circle. Introduction with the V905.

The final ranking

The 10 tyres tested on the Magny-Cours circuit
At the end of our test to compare 10 high performance tyres, performance differences were observed from one tyre to another based on the driver’s feeling and the conditions in which tests were conducted. On the Focus ST, the favourite tyre was not necessarily what we thought.

Wear: Consistent results

Wear measurement
Wear is a particularly important criterion. Beyond the purely financial aspect, it evaluates the tendency of a tyre to maintain its level of performance.

Performance on the track: Huge variations

Performance on the race circuit
Over and above the difference in figures, the tyres' performance on the track allowed us to highlight unexpected differences in terms of steering responsiveness. Measured and observed results were sometimes enlightening.

First dynamic test: Dry braking

Braking test on the Magny-Cours circuit
Braking is a key criteria when choosing a tyre whether it is a sports tyre or not. The braking performance of our ten competitors was tested from 100 to 0 km/h which gave some interesting results and a few surprises.

Rezulteo’s big tyre comparison: 10 sports tyres put to the test

Tyre comparisons on the Magny-Cours circuit
Objectively, it is not easy to evaluate a tyre’s efficiency in a segment as competitive as high performance sports tyres. The magazine Motorsport, together with Rezulteo, has conducted a thorough survey directly comparing high performance tyres which are considered as a reference on the market. Sometimes surprising, the results are very instructive.

Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002: Tests at the Ascari race track

Departure for the track tests
Bridgestone invited us to the Ascari race track in Andalusia to test the Adrenalin RE002, its new sport tyre for city and compact cars. Tests were conducted in heavy rain, which gave us the chance to appreciate the qualities of this tyre in adverse conditions.

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