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Michelin CrossClimate + tops Auto Express all season tyre test

Auto Express has published a new tyre comparison test. This time the magazine has chosen to put all season tyres through their paces in winter conditions.

AutoExpress drivers headed to Ivalo, Finland to test their all season tyres - Copyright © AutoExpress

Eight tyres tested in winter conditions 

Having named the Continental WinterContact TS 860 best winter tyre in its last comparison test, AutoExpress has now turned its attention to all season tyres. Once again, the magazine’s editorial staff chose eight tyres in size 205/55 R16 to test in winter conditions:

Auto Express also added one winter tyre -the ContiWinterContact TS 860- and one summer tyre- the Dunlop SportBluResponse- to the test lineup, to put the performance of each tyre into perspective.

As usual, Auto Express put these 10 tyres through 15 tests focusing on wet performance and snow grip:

  • 4 braking tests in wet and dry conditions (summer and winter) and in snow
  • Road noise
  • Rolling resistance
  • Straight and curved aquaplaning
  • Snow traction
  • Lateral grip in snow and wet conditions
  • Handling in wet and dry conditions (summer and winter) and in snow

Copyright © AutoExpress

Goodyear and Michelin top the ranking

The Kumho Solus and Toyo Celsius in 8th and 7th place, were very similar and offered good performance in dry conditions. Although these tyres were happy on snow, their poorer wet braking performance placed them at the bottom of the Auto Express ranking

6th and 5th, the Hankook Kinergy 4S and Falken Euroall Season delivered good performance in wet and dry conditions, but at the expense of snow performance. 

4th place Nexen N’blue 4Season convinced Auto Express drivers with its good all-round performance and above all, its price, which was the cheapest of all the tyres tested. 

In 3rd and 2nd positions, there wasn’t much to choose between the Nokian Weatherproof and Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 tyres. According to Auto Express, both demonstrated strong performance in extreme winter conditions. On snow for example, these 2 tyres were not far behind the Continental WinterContact TS 860, which Auto Express ranked best winter tyre of the year. However, these tyres were considered to be less suited to driving in more temperate conditions than the test winner.

The Michelin CrossClimate + took the top spot. According to Auto Express this tyre offers good performance in all conditions without compromising on driving experience. The magazine also stressed Michelin’s efforts to improve, in particular, the tyre’s wet braking performance. In 2015, the original CrossClimate finished 3rd in the Auto Express ranking. This year, it dominates this ranking with braking distances 1.5 metres shorter in the wet and 4 metres shorter in the dry than its competitors. 

Full test results are available on the Auto Express website.

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