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Tyre manufacturers of the world: Thai tyre brands

In our series Tyre Manufacturers of the World, we take a look into the origins of famous international tyre brands. What tyre brands are manufactured in Thailand? Find out more before buying tyres and discover the list of Thai tyre brands.

Thai tyre manufacturers, the best Thai tyres

What are the tyre brands of Thai origin? © rezulteo 

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After presenting other Asian tyre manufacturers such as Japanese brands  or even Chinese tyre brands, it is now the turnof Thai tyre brands. Although tyre manufacturers in this country are not as well known as other players in the Asian and world market, they are, nevertheless, starting to break into the international market. Thailand, the world’s largest producer of natural rubber, has long been – and still is – a favourite country for many of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. These manufacturers have built many tyre plants in Thailand and have based a major part of their production there. With the arrival of this expertise, a few Thai brands have emerged. Today, they are breaking out of the Thai market to export their tyres internationally. Here, learn more about Thai tyre manufacturers, their history and the various products on offer.

VeeRubber Thai Tyres

VeeRubber was established in 1977 as a manufacturer of bicycle and motorcycle tyres by Vitorn Sukanjanapong, a Thai business man. The brand quickly established itself throughout Asia before entering the world market, mainly in Europe and North America. Today, VeeRubber has more than 4000 employees throughout the world and the company headquarters are in Bangkok.

In addition to supplying original equipment tyres for many Japanese motorcycles, the VeeRubber brand produces tyres for all types of vehicles: quads, passenger cars, trucks, etc. VeeRubber also owns the Veento tyre brand, mainly distributed in the USA.

Deestone Thai Tyres

Founded in 1977 by the Thai Suvit Vongsariyavanich, Deestoneis a tyre manufacturer based at Samut Sakhon, on the outskirts of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Originally specialised in the production of tyres for trucks and motorcycles, the Deestone or Deerubber brand, started producing radial passenger tyres in 2007.

Deestone also owns the Thunderer brand which distributes most of its tyres in the USA.


Continental’s success in the original equipment market

The main European car manufacturers have chosen Continental tyres to equip their vehicles.

Nokian SnapSkan celebrates its one millionth scan

SnapSkan, the digital scanning tyre service developed by Nokian Tyres, has reached one million scans in May. The results of the scans in Finland show that 10% of Finnish drivers drive with dangerous tyres.

Enliten, the Bridgestone technology for more environmentally friendly tyres

Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has unveiled its new “Enliten” technology for more environmentally friendly tyres. This technology will reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and rolling resistance by 20%.

Pirelli teams up with Puma to design a tyre inspired shoe

The Italian tyre manufacturer has unveiled a new shoe designed with the Puma brand. Inspired by its tyres and motorsports, this shoe known as Replicat-X, completes the Pirelli Design collection.