Tyre manufacturers of the world: German tyre brands

In our series Tyre Manufacturers of the World, we take a look into the origins of famous international tyre brands. What tyre manufacturers were founded in Germany? What tyre brands are of German origin? Continental, one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers, proves its quality at each new tyre comparison test. It is also a major group that owns several sub-brands. Discover the list of tyres “made in Germany”.

German tyre manufacturers: what brands coming from Germany?

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German tyre brands

Technology "Made in Germany" has a high global standing. This is no different in the tyre industry. The tyre market in Germany is dominated by one big brand: Continental. In this respect, tire production differs from automotive production, which is more diversified with numerous premium car manufacturers on the German-speaking market. Nevertheless, besides Continental there are some tyre brands associated to Germany, which are worth mentioning here.

Continental tyres: the global brand

Continental, the German tyre manufacturer is surely one of the best known tyre brands. Founded in 1871, the company specialised in automotive equipment at its headquarters in Hanover. Today, the brand mainly designs high quality tyres but also manufactures automotive parts and develops the ContiTech projects for recycling rubber.

Continental, the best German tyre brand

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On the tyre front, some of Continental’s products are very popular with drivers throughout the world. Amongst those which are popular, we find tyres that often win independent tyre comparison tests: the WinterContact TS 860 winter tyre, the PremiumContact 6 summer tyre, the AllSeasonContact all season tyre and the SportContact 6 sports tyre.

Continental AG is also a large multinational group that owns several tyre brands: Uniroyal, General Tire, Viking, Barum… and many others!

Do you know the Semperit tyre brand?

Created in 1824, Semperit is not originally a German tyre brand although it has been closely linked to Continental throughout its history. Based at Vienna, Semperit is an Austrian tyre manufacturer that produces tyres for a wide range of vehicles: passenger cars, city cars, SUVs, vans and even trucks.

Tyre brand from Germany: Semperit

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Who manufactures Semperit tyres?

The Semperit tyre brand was taken over by the German group Continental in 1985, thus allowing Semperit to benefit from Continental technologies.

Do you know the German tyre brand Fulda?

Tyre manufacturer Fulda was founded in Germany in the town with the same name at the beginning of the 20th century. It is one of the most popular brands in its country of origin. Fulda has even created a “German High Technology” slogan for its brand.

Fulda, a German manufacturer and tyre brand

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Who manufactures Fulda tyres?

Just like the Dunlop and Sava tyre brands, Goodyear-Dunlop has owned the German tyre manufacturer Fulda since 1962.

Do you know the German tyre brand Metzeler?

On the motorcyclist side, the German tyre brand Metzeler has a rather good reputation. Founded in 1892, it only produces high performance tyres for motorcycles.

Metzeler, a German tyre brand for motorcycles

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Who manufactures Metzeler tyres?

Attracted by the sporty performance of the German brand, Metzeler became part of the Italian group Pirelli in 1986


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