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Toyo Tires establishes its first European R&D centre

Japanese tyre manufacturer Toyo Tires has just announced the opening of a new Research and Development centre in Germany, its first in Europe.

R&D centre Toyo Europe

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A new technology centre

Even if Toyo is already well established in Asia, the tyre manufacturer continues its development in Europe. Founded in 1945 in Osaka, the brand has just announced it will open a new Research and Development centre in Germany. Located at Willich, in North Rhine-Westphalia, it is the first centre of this kind for Toyo in Europe. Operational this autumn, the R&D centre will aim to develop the technical aspect of Toyo tyres by supporting next-generation mobility. The Japanese tyre manufacturer says that the European centre will mainly focus on the development of new technology materials for the production of high performance tyres.

This state-of-the-art technology centre will be completed with a new production plant for Toyo tyres in Serbia which is scheduled to open in January 2022. These two new structures will complete its research and production sites already in place. Indeed, Toyo Tires already has R&D centres in the United States and in Japan, which will be in constant contact with their European counterparts. The Japanese tyre manufacturer is already considering opening other new technology centres in Europe. Toyo sees the opportunity to develop its technical and business relationships with several of the market’s car manufacturers who are present on the Old Continent.


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