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Pirelli Track Adrenaline: app to get the most out of P Zero tyres

At the 89th Geneva International Motor Show, Pirelli presented its new connected solution for tyres: Track Adrenaline.

Geneva Motor Show 2019: Pirelli P Zero Track Adrenaline, the app for track tyres, track days and races.

Pirelli Track Adrenaline app for track day fans. © Pirelli

A smartphone app for faster lap times

After the launch of the P Zero Winter and all the announcements related to its sports tyre range, Pirelli unveiled its latest innovation called Track Adrenaline at the Geneva Motor Show. It is the Italian brand’s Cyber division that launched this project based on the progress achieved with the “Cyber Car” app, presented at Geneva last year. With Track Adrenaline, Pirelli brings its technology to the race tracks for the immense pleasure of track day fans. This app connected to tyres can be used as a lap timer and a real time monitoring system for tyre pressures and temperatures.

Geneva Motor Show 2019: Pirelli P Zero Track Adrenaline, the app for sports tyres used for track days

© Pirelli

Track Adrenaline consists or a small electronic box that can be fitted inside the car and which easily connects to a smartphone app and sensors inside Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres. The timer provides accurate lap times, with telemetry data and a real time analysis of each track session. In addition to lap times and split times, the application indicates the maximum and average speeds, acceleration, braking, theoretically ideal laps and comparisons with previous sessions using Track Adrenaline. The powerful GPS unit allows the Track Adrenaline box to offer precise vehicle geolocation and a clear definition of racing lines. With all this data, the app can tell the driver when it’s the right time to warm-up tyres, to push for a flying lap and come into the pits.

Track Adrenaline should be released in July 2019 and will be available for test as part of the upcoming P Zero Experience days.

Video presentation of the Pirelli P Zero Track Adrenaline app:


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