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Pirelli P Zero World opens its luxury tyre fitting centre in Melbourne

After opening tyre fitting centres in Los Angeles in 2016, Munich in 2017, Monaco in 2018 and Dubai at the beginning of 2019, the fifth P Zero World fitting centre opens its doors on Australian soil, in Melbourne. As such, Pirelli introduces its world renowned range of tyres. The plus? The brand offers its customers prestigious products and exclusive services.

Pirelli P Zero World exhibits prestigious cars in Melbourne

A new P Zero World opens its doors in a district of Melbourne. © Pirelli

P Zero World: a luxury boutique for tyres

P Zero World is a Pirelli concept where the tyre brand takes us on a trip around the world with its P Zero high performance tyres. The latest store has just opened in Melbourne, Australia. Covering a surface of 1200 m2 and with five different service ramps, customers and owners of luxury cars and sports cars have access to exclusive products.

They can discover the entire Pirelli range such as the P Zero Trofeo R, a performance focused sports tyre, or the Pirelli Collezione, a collection of tyres for classic or vintage cars that feature modern technology.

But, it’s not just car tyres that can be found. P Zero World also has tyres for motorbikes and road bikes. In parallel, Pirelli Design has developed a range of merchandise in conjunction with some of the world’s leading brands such as Montblanc, Puma and Tecnorib.

On the bespoke services side, P Zero World offers its customers repair services, courtesy cars and support offering personalised set-up advice depending on the type of vehicle and its use. Accustomed to equipping the most prestigious cars in the world, Pirelli wants to provide services and products that meet the standards of automotive excellence by opening this unique store in Australia.

P Zero World Dubai: after Los Angeles, Munich and Monaco, Pirelli opens in Dubai

Pirelli P Zero World: centre for tyres and top-end cars in Melbourne

© Pirelli

Pirelli P Zero, the ultimate sports tyre

Pirelli has chosen Melbourne for its new luxury tyre “boutique”. Indeed, this Australian town boasts the highest number of registrations of prestigious vehicles. The tyre brand, also known for its transalpine roots, has opened its store close to the largest Italian community in Australia.

Not forgetting that Pirelli is the exclusive tyre supplier for motorsports, including Formula 1 amongst others. This puts it in a dominant position for vehicles from top-end brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. These supercars were on parade for the opening ceremony of P Zero World in Melbourne while others, the Aventador S and Huracàn Evo made the P Zero tyres squeal on the track. Whereas the Urus, fitted with tyres with the Lamborghini marking, demonstrated its capabilities off-road.

Besides exhibiting this supercar, Pirelli wanted to underline the quality and versatility of its tyre range: the P Zero and P Zero Corsa are designed for sporty on-road use and the Scorpion Winter and All Season are for those who want to drive off-road.

Pirelli P Zero World: parade of prestigious cars at Albert Park in Melbourne

© Pirelli


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