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Nokian SnapSkan celebrates its one millionth scan

SnapSkan, the digital scanning tyre service developed by Nokian Tyres, has reached one million scans in May. The results of the scans in Finland show that 10% of Finnish drivers drive with dangerous tyres.

SnapSkan from Nokian Tyres

© Nokian Tyres

Digital service that checks the condition of tyres

Tyres play a key role in car safety since they are the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road. However, most drivers are unaware of the condition of their tyres. 

SnapSkan Service, developed by Nokian Tyres, measures the tread depth of the tyre thanks to an advanced 3D scanning technology. The scanners are available at car park entrances and exits. Tyres are scanned when a car drives over the scanner and information is sent directly to the drivers’ Smartphone.   

SnapSkan was first introduced in 2016 with a pilot location in a car park in Helsinki, Finland. In May 2018, the service opened up new service points covering all of Finland’s biggest cities, and has also expanded to Oslo, in Norway. One year later, the objective of one million scans has been reached. ”We are hoping to make the roads safer to millions of more in the future”, said Ville Nikkola, Head of Consumer Business Operations for Nokian Tyres.

Driver of the millionth vehicle scanned by Nokian SnapSkan

Markus, the driver of the millionth vehicle scanned by Nokian SnapSkan © Nokian Tyres

The scans reveal the risks taken

SnapSkan proves that 10% of Finnish drivers use dangerous tyres because of their low tread depth. The figure is lower for winter tyres than for summer tyres since the Scandinavian harsh winter conditions require good tyres for safety.

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