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Nexen Breathre, an air purifying concept tyre

South Korean tyre manufacturer Nexen presented Breathre, its green concept tyre, at The Tire Cologne trade show in Germany.

The Nexen brand presents its green Breathre tyre at The Tire Cologne

Nexen presented its Breathre concept tyre at The Tire Cologne trade show in Germany. © Nexen

A tyre that filters air

And what if the future of tyres involved purifying air? After Goodyear - which presented its Oxygene concept tyre at the Geneva Motor Show - Nexen has officially presented its Breathre concept. A contraction of “Breathe” and Tyre, this innovation has been designed to address environmental issues and in particular, air pollution and fine particles. Breathre is composed of a ventilator, a filter, propellers and LED sensors to make the tyre operate like a conventional air purifier.

“Breathre provides a new model for industry, particularly in today’s world where the majority of people in urban areas breathe polluted air that fails to meet the standards set by the World Health Organisation” said John Bosco Kim, Sales and Marketing Director at Nexen Europe, during the presentation of the concept. "We are proud to present our new green tyre to the world, and we hope to continue developing new innovations that will help create a more sustainable future."

The Nexen Breathre has already received one positive review. Presented unofficially, it was one of the finalists at the 2017 “International Design Excellence Awards” (IDEA), one of the most renowned design awards.


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European Inventor Award 2018: two Michelin researchers nominated

The European Patent Office (EPO) has announced the list of finalists for the European Inventor Award 2018. Amongst them are Agnes Poulbot and Jacques Barraud, two researchers from Michelin. Nominated in the Industry category, the French researchers have designed an auto-regenerating tread to make tyres greener and more efficient.

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