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Michelin virtual tyre supplier in the Gran Turismo Sport video game

French tyre manufacturer Michelin has announced a partnership with Sony and PlayStation to become the official partner for tyre technology on the Gran Turismo Sport video game.

Michelin partnership with Gran Turismo Sport

Michelin partners the Gran Turismo Sport video game © Michelin & Polyphony Digital

From the track to the console

Launched since 2017, there is no question of Sony developers abandoning the Gran Turismo Sport video game. Recognised as being very realistic, the gaming franchise exclusive to PlayStation now welcomes Michelin on its virtual tracks as part of a unique partnership. The tyre manufacturer is now the official tyre supplier for the game as well as its technical partner. This multi-year deal means that the Bibendum brand will appear in various locations in Gran Turismo Sport through free downloadable content.

A new Michelin section will also be added in “Brand Central”, the Gran Turismo Sport virtual museum. It will provide detailed explanations about the brand and its historical relationship with motorsports, innovations and the competition. Michelin will also be present in the tuning part of the game allowing players to create strategies by choosing between hard, medium or soft tyres.

Michelin Gran Turismo video game

© Polyphony Digital

A virtual but also physical partnership

In addition to its presence in the Gran Turismo Sport game, Michelin will also appear in the game’s e-sport competitions, particularly during the third World Tour Live event of the Gran Turismo Championship organised by the FIA. An organisation the brand knows well, and with which it is involved for several competitions such as the Endurance World Championship or Formula E.

Michelin benefits from the competition to collect a great deal of information used for the development of its tyres. As part of its partnership with Gran Turismo Sport, the tyre manufacturer will share some real data with Sony so that the game can virtually translate the complexity of tyre performances.

“Michelin develops and tunes virtual tyres on virtual vehicles before the tyres are even produced” said Scott Clark, Executive Vice President of the Americas Region for the Michelin Group and responsible for Company’s Global Automotive, Motorsports and Experiences Business Segments. “These innovations are then produced, with an extremely accurate translation to real tyres on real vehicles. Combining this technology with real motorsports data will enable Sony to bring more tyre strategy into the game. In the longer term, this will help more people understand the critical role that Michelin tyres play in optimising vehicle performance.”

Discover Michelin’s video presentation in Gran Turismo Sport:


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