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Goodyear launches soybean oil-based tyre

With support from the American United Soybean Board, Goodyear has developed a technology that uses soybean oil in its rubber compounds.


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Goodyear’s latest innovation

Tomatoes, eggs, sunflowers and now soybean oil. Goodyear has announced the launch of a new tyre technology thanks to support from the United Soybean Board (USB).

Goodyear scientists and engineers produced a compound containing soybean oil, which is naturally derived, cost-effective, carbon-neutral and above all, renewable. According to the manufacturer, using soybean oil in tyres also has performance benefits, helping to improve their dry, wet and winter performance.

In addition, Goodyear tests have shown that soybean oil mixes more easily in silica based compounds, improving the manufacturing process. This is good news for Eric Mizner, Goodyear’s Director of Global Materials Science, who stated that: “Goodyear’s legacy of innovation drives us to continue to apply new technology solutions, developing superior performing tyres that meet consumer demands”.  

The project received financial support from the USB, a group of farmer-directors who oversee the investments of a “check-off” programme, dedicated to promoting the commodity on behalf of American soybean farmers.


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