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Goodyear and Dunlop add noise reduction technology to winter line-ups

The Goodyear-Dunlop group has announced that some of its winter tyres will feature the American manufacturer’s SoundComfort technology and the British manufacturer’s Noise Shield technology, to considerably reduce rolling noise.

Goodyear’s SoundComfort technology

Goodyear’s SoundComfort technology is a layer of foam applied inside the tyre  - Copyright © Goodyear

Goodyear’s SoundComfort and Dunlop’s Noise Shield technologies extended to winter tyres

Goodyear’s SoundComfort and Dunlop’s Noise Shield. Since 2014, both of these technologies can respectively be found in each brand’s summer tyres. The British American group has announced that these innovations will be extended to both tyre manufacturers winter ranges.

A quieter ride

4 decibels less in the cabin! This is what the SoundComfort and Noise Shield technologies promise. With a polyurethane foam applied to the inner surface of the tyre, Goodyear and Dunlop say that they can reduce air cavity resonance. A noise caused by the vehicle’s structure which produces air vibrations inside the tyre. This foam, which is light enough to avoid any impact on rolling resistance, reduces external rolling noise by 11 decibels and for the driver, reduces cabin noise by half.

A technology that will improve road safety for Martijn de Jonge, Director for the Goodyear and Dunlop brands in Europe: “We increase the comfort of driving with a quieter ride. And when the driver can focus more on the road the ride can become safer”.

Goodyear’s SoundComfort technology is available for the UltraGrip Performance Gen-1 and its SUV version for 16 to 20 inch rims. Dunlop’s Noise Shield technology is already available for the Winter Sport 5 in 5 sizes for 17-inch and 18-inch rims.


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