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Falken Tyre develops a device to collect electricity generated by tyres

Japanese tyre manufacturer Falken Tyre is working on a technology to use the static electricity generated as the tyre turns and deforms.

Falken tyres electricity

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Tyres, a future battery?

And, what if your tyres were an energy source for your car? It is not such a crazy idea for Japanese giant Sumitomo Rubber Industries, parent company of tyre manufacturer Falken. The company has developed a device that collects the static electricity generated by the movements of a tyre and redistributes it to other devices in the vehicle. Fixed to the inside of the tyre carcass, the rubber device called “Energy Harvester” is part of Sumitomo’s research and development programme that targets improvements in road safety and environmental performance for its products. 

This partnership between Falken and Professor Hiroshi Tan of Kansai University in Osaka, Japan could recover enough electricity to supply different on-board instruments such as the TPMS, tyre pressure monitoring system, without needing batteries. Good news for electric vehicles in particular, which are always looking to increase their driving range, and would have an alternative power source with this technology.

Still at the prototype stage, this device could lead to practical applications in the near future. Indeed, the Japanese Science and Technology Agency has just announced it will support the project and help Sumitomo and Falken advance this research.

Falken energy harvester

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Bridgestone enhances tyre safety with Microsoft

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