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Cyber Tyre: Pirelli’s 5G connected tyre

A vehicle connectivity event organised by the 5GAA (Automotive Association), of which Pirelli is a member, was the opportunity for the brand to demonstrate how to use its services enhanced by the 5G. Pirelli demonstrated the Cyber Tyre, an intelligent tyre connected to the 5G network that transmits information on road conditions to the driver and to other vehicles nearby on the road.

Pirelli Cyber Tyre: the tyre connected to the 5G which transmits road surface information

Pirelli develops future mobility by presenting the Cyber Tyre, a tyre connected to the 5G. © iStockphoto / metamorworks

Cyber Tyre: a tyre connected to the 5G

Pirelli presented its Cyber Tyre or connected tyre at the “The 5G Path of Vehicle-to-Everything Communication" event. This intelligent tyre transmits information regarding the vehicle’s driving environment via the 5G network. Recently at Turin, the Italian tyre manufacturer presented the “World first 5G enhanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) services” use case.  

Together with Audi, Ericsson, Tim, Italdesign and KTH, Pirelli demonstrated a vehicle equipped with the Cyber Tyre. With sensors fitted to the tyres, the tyres connected to the 5G network and transmitted the risk of aquaplaning to another vehicle. The transmission of information detected by intelligent tyres is possible thanks to the ultra-high band and low latency of the 5G.

Cyber Car: the new connected environment for Pirelli tyres

Tyres for road safety

New technologies can be extremely useful to improve road safety. It is often said that the tyre is the only point of contact with the road. In the case of the Cyber Tyre, Pirelli offers a cutting edge technology tyre which will communicate with the driver, his vehicle and the entire road infrastructure. More specifically, the tyre equipped with an internal sensor will be able to provide data relative to the type of tyre, the mileage driven and the dynamic load. And, for the first time, thanks to the 5G, the Pirelli Cyber Tyre will transmit information about potential dangers on the road, such as the presence of water or poor grip to the driver and to other cars nearby.

Pirelli Cyber Tyre: tyre connected to the 5G transmits road network information to drivers

© Pirelli

As for the driver, he will be able to adjust his driving accordingly and the vehicle will adapt its control and driving assistance systems

With the development of tyre technology, Pirelli wants to improve the level of safety, comfort and performance.

Pirelli’s Perfect Fit strategy

The Pirelli tyre brand is actively involved in finding new solutions for fast changing future mobility and more innovative autonomous driving systems. In view of this, Pirelli has developed the Perfect Fit strategy, based on the development of tailor made products and services. The Italian tyre manufacturer wants to meet the needs of car manufacturers, fleets and drivers in general. This year, Pirelli also presented its Track Adrenaline product. This is a range of P Zero Trofeo tyres equipped with sensors which monitor and transmit information on the pressure and temperature of tyres in real time, and combines this information with telemetric data so that the driver can improve his performance.

Pirelli Track Adrenaline: the application to get the best out of P Zero tyres


Awards for airless tyre Michelin Uptis

At the beginning of 2019, Michelin unveiled a puncture-proof tyre called Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System), a prototype that was developed thanks to the French tyre manufacturer’s involvement in Research and Development. Michelin has received three awards for its innovation which promotes driver safety, savings and sustainable mobility.

2020 Pirelli Calendar is “Looking for Juliet”

“Looking for Juliet”, the 47th edition of the Pirelli calendar, draws its inspiration from Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet”. Created for the first time by an Italian photographer, Paolo Roversi, the Cal was unveiled at Verona, the city where the drama of the tragedy took place, and more precisely, at the Philharmonic Theatre.

Pirelli P Zero World opens its luxury tyre fitting centre in Melbourne

After opening tyre fitting centres in Los Angeles in 2016, Munich in 2017, Monaco in 2018 and Dubai at the beginning of 2019, the fifth P Zero World fitting centre opens its doors on Australian soil, in Melbourne. As such, Pirelli introduces its world renowned range of tyres. The plus? The brand offers its customers prestigious products and exclusive services.

Conti CARE: tomorrow’s concept tyre by Continental

At the Frankfurt International Motor Show, German tyre manufacturer Continental presented its innovative technological concept featuring the networking of a tyre and a connected rim for improved mobility management.