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Conti CARE: tomorrow’s concept tyre by Continental

At the Frankfurt International Motor Show, German tyre manufacturer Continental presented its innovative technological concept featuring the networking of a tyre and a connected rim for improved mobility management.

How does Continental’s CARE concept tyre work to renew tyre pressure air?

Conti CARE, a new tyre technology for tomorrow’s mobility presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. © Continental

A connected and long lasting tyre

Connected. Autonomous. Reliable. Electrified or C.A.R.E. The new Continental concept tyre is much more than a simple tyre. This tyre and rim combination wants to change tomorrow’s mobility by using the ContiSense technology, already presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017.

This network of sensors built into the structure of the tyre monitors all aspects and transmits the following information: tyre pressure, condition of the tyre, its level of wear… This information can be found in the ContiConnect Live web-base application which facilitates the management of tyres. This is a perfect solution for tomorrow’s robot-taxi fleets and other autonomous vehicles which would optimise performances and costs.

The Conti CARE concept tyre with a closed rim

© rezulteo

Frankfurt IAA 2017 : Continental presents ContiSense and ContiAdapt technologies

No need to inflate tyres

If the idea of a connected chip has already been considered by a large number of tyre manufacturers, Continental goes even further with its concept. Conti CARE proposes the automatic adjustment of tyre pressures depending on situations. Centrifugal pumps, built into the rim, store compressed air generated by the rotation of tyres as the vehicle accelerates. This innovation named “PressureProof” allows the tyre to keep an optimum pressure constantly, which lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Conti CARE concept tyre with an open rim

© rezulteo


The rim and tyre structure also allows Conti CARE to propose a quiet, comfortable ride thanks to the SilentWheel concept technology which reduces vibrations inside the wheel.


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