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Bridgestone OE fitment on BMW X5, 3 Series and 8 Series

Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has announced a new OE partnership with BMW to supply the new X5, 8 Series and 3 Series models

Bridgestone OE fitment on BMW X5, 3 Series and 8 Series

Bespoke tyres for all BMW ranges

If Bridgestone equips BMW’s electric vehicles, it does forget their combustion engine vehicles. After the BMW i3, i3s and i8, the tyre manufacturer will propose its tyres as original equipment on the BMW X5, 3 Series and 8 Series. Where for the German manufacturer’s electric vehicles the accent was placed on savings and ologic technology, this partnership focuses on ride comfort and sporty performance.

Two tyres for the BMW X5

For the BMW X5, Bridgestone has fine-tuned its tyres to create an osmosis between the electronically controlled suspension, the five-link rear suspension and the adjustable air suspension. After extensive testing, BMW approved eight tyres for 18- to 21-inch rim diameters for the X5: the Alenza 001 for summer and the Blizzak LM001 for winter. Both of these tyres feature Run-Flat technology.

Innovative tyres for the BMW 3 Series

For the BMW 3 Series, Bridgestone has used 3D design software to analyse and fine-tune its tyres. A method which has maximised tyre grip thanks to a better distribution of pressure. The tyre also uses a new compound which reduces rolling resistance while improving performances. As such, 3 tyres will be proposed as original equipment on the 3 Series: the Turanza T005 summer tyre, the Blizzak LM001 winter tyre and the LS100A all season tyre.

Sportiness comes first for the BMW 8 Series

For the BMW 8 Series, the Japanese tyre manufacturer wanted to propose optimum ride comfort while respecting the vehicle’s sporty performance. Bridgestone’s R&D team started from scratch to design tyres capable of meeting these requirements. The tyre manufacturer’s engineers developed a new mixing process to combine the different materials to create a compound delivering maximum grip on different surfaces. The Turanza T005 and Potenza S007 summer tyres were approved as original equipment by BMW for the new 8 Series with the option of having Run-Flat technology.


A new species discovered in Michelin’s Ouro Verde reserve

Researchers at Michelin’s Ouro Verde ecological reserve in Bahia have discovered a new insect species, unknown until now. This is good news in these difficult times for the biodiversity of our planet.

Awards for airless tyre Michelin Uptis

At the beginning of 2019, Michelin unveiled a puncture-proof tyre called Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System), a prototype that was developed thanks to the French tyre manufacturer’s involvement in Research and Development. Michelin has received three awards for its innovation which promotes driver safety, savings and sustainable mobility.

2020 Pirelli Calendar is “Looking for Juliet”

“Looking for Juliet”, the 47th edition of the Pirelli calendar, draws its inspiration from Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet”. Created for the first time by an Italian photographer, Paolo Roversi, the Cal was unveiled at Verona, the city where the drama of the tragedy took place, and more precisely, at the Philharmonic Theatre.

Cyber Tyre: Pirelli’s 5G connected tyre

A vehicle connectivity event organised by the 5GAA (Automotive Association), of which Pirelli is a member, was the opportunity for the brand to demonstrate how to use its services enhanced by the 5G. Pirelli demonstrated the Cyber Tyre, an intelligent tyre connected to the 5G network that transmits information on road conditions to the driver and to other vehicles nearby on the road.