Bridgestone enhances tyre safety with Microsoft

Tyres brands have placed future mobility at the heart of their projects. The safety of motorists involves the prevention of tread wear and tyre pressure. But not only! The condition of roads used on a daily basis affects damage to the tread, which is often not detected immediately. And, damaged tyres can alter the handling of the vehicle. The real time tyre monitoring system developed by Bridgestone and the Microsoft platform for connected vehicles closes this gap.

Intelligent system for tyre safety by Bridgestone and Microsoft

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Why a tyre monitoring system?

Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone, in collaboration with Microsoft, has developed a tyre damage monitoring system.

Following a study conducted by the UK Department of Transport, approximately 30 % of car accidents are due to the damage caused to tyres throughout their life. Indeed a damaged tyre can lead to a risk or dangerous situation for the driver and other motorists. A defective tyre can also cause a technical failure of other mechanical parts, the wheel for example.

A lack of checking the condition of tyres and an incorrect tyre pressure are the first factors that endanger vehicles. To enhance road safety, different prevention means exist:

  • Check tyre pressure with the TPMS
  • Change worn tyres
  • Fit winter or summer tyres depending on the season
  • Check tyre wear at regular intervals

4 in 10 British drivers drive with under inflated tyres

Bridgestone has noticed that there is a gap in road safety: some damage is not easy to detect and can be potentially harmful to the tyre and the car. That is where the new tyre damage monitoring system developed by Bridgestone comes into play.

Sustainable mobility, not without digital

In collaboration with the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) connected to the cloud; the system analyses data coming from the sensors on hardware already installed on the vehicle. It is not unlike the Pirelli Cyber Tyre which proposes a connected tyre through the 5G, with the difference that Bridgestone does not require any additional hardware to be installed.

The system detects any events affecting the tyre tread and carcass in real time. The driver is immediately informed about the danger and can take the necessary precautions on the road.

But the transfer of information does not stop there. The tyre monitoring system records exactly where the damage has occurred. As such, agencies in charge of road maintenance are alerted on road conditions and infrastructures: potholes, objects on the road or other hazards.

Just like intelligent concept tyres, Bridgestone and Microsoft see future autonomous vehicles benefit from this system, which will allow them to communicate with other motorists in the vicinity about any identified hazards.

“Digital is such a huge part of what we do today at Bridgestone; it’s imperative that we work with industry-leading partners who can support our needs today and in the future. By teaming up with Microsoft we have the opportunity to bring our Tyre Damage Monitoring System to millions of drivers, offering them better safety and peace of mind”, explained Laurent Dartoux, CEO and President of Bridgestone EMIA.


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