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Awards for airless tyre Michelin Uptis

At the beginning of 2019, Michelin unveiled a puncture-proof tyre called Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System), a prototype that was developed thanks to the French tyre manufacturer’s involvement in Research and Development. Michelin has received three awards for its innovation which promotes driver safety, savings and sustainable mobility.

Michelin Uptis airless, puncture-proof tyre rewarded for its innovation

Jointly with General Motors, Michelin will co-develop the Uptis airless tyre, rewarded 3 times this year. © Michelin

The Michelin Uptis puncture-proof tyre receives 3 awards

Uptis, Michelin’s puncture-proof tyre has received 3 awards this year in the innovation and tyre of the year categories: the GOLDEN STEERING WHEEL Award 2019 awarded by the German press group Auto Bild, the COYOTE Automobile Award 2020 in France awarded by the European community Coyote and the ACT ACES Award 2020 awarded by the American magazine Autonomous Vehicle Technology. These awards recognise almost ten years of advanced research on tyres by the French tyre manufacturer.

Michelin presented its Uptis prototype for the first time during the Movin’On 2019 summit dedicated to sustainable mobility. This new generation “airless” solution tyre, i.e. without compressed air, represents a major advance in the design of its structure and the use of high-tech materials. It will have a positive impact from both a road safety and environmental point of view.

Michelin Uptis puncture-proof tyre: safety and sustainable mobility

Michelin has designed the Uptis tyre to prevent any risk of punctures. This new technology will allow drivers to feel safe when driving. On the economy and business side, the puncture-proof tyre will offer fleet owners and professional drivers an advantage. They will have no more downtime due to punctures and vehicle maintenance will be much less. The puncture-proof tyre will be a safe, economical tyre promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility since it generates less waste.

Michelin plans to launch the Uptis tyre on the market in 2024. The tyre manufacturer has signed a research and co-development agreement with car manufacturer General Motors.

Airless and puncture-proof tyre thanks to new technology

© Michelin


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