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At Geneva, it’s the Pirelli P Zero show

At the Geneva International Motor Show, Pirelli has given priority to its P Zero range, with in particular, a new specific “Elect” sidewall marking and the launch of “Color Edition” tyres as original equipment.

2019 Geneva Motor Show: Pirelli will propose a tyre marking for electric cars and coloured tyres for the P Zero range

Pirelli has announced new features for its P Zero line-up. © Pirelli

A new sidewall marking for electric sports cars

At the Geneva Motor Show, Pirelli has decided to focus on its P Zero line-up. If it has unveiled the “Winter” version of its sports tyre, the tyre manufacturer has also announced other new features for its flagship range. Starting with the new “Elect” marking which will be found on certain P Zero tyres. It identifies tyres specially designed for electric or plug-in hybrid cars

More than a simple marking, "Elect” tyres have been developed to offer a number of advantages for these eco-friendly vehicles while respecting a number of specific technical characteristics. First of all, the low rolling resistance of these tyres helps maximise the range of each car fitted with them. They are also much quieter than standard tyres. Indeed, road noise is more perceptible due to the silence of the electric motor. Finally, “Elect” tyres have been optimised to deliver immediate grip, in line with the dry acceleration of these vehicles that develop maximum torque even at low revs.

As is customary with Pirelli, P Zero tyres with the “Elect” marking will be tailor-made for the different vehicles they were designed for. Presented at Geneva, the Italdesign DaVinci, a four-seater electric coupe with butterfly doors, and the Pininfarina Battista, a 1900 Hp, all electric supercar, were the first two cars to wear P Zero Elect tyres.

2019 Geneva Motor Show: Pirelli proposes the Elect marking for electric sports car tyres

© Pirelli

Coloured tyres as original equipment

Another new feature in line with Pirelli’s “Perfect Fit” strategy: coloured tyres now come as original equipment. Launched two years ago at the Geneva Motor Show, this personalisation of the tyre's sidewall is now an option as original equipment on the most prestigious vehicles. Starting with the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, which will be the first car to be fitted with homologated coloured tyres. The request came directly from the British carmaker who wanted to offer its customers several personalisation options. Obviously, other carmakers are doing the same and are currently homologating Pirelli P Zero Color Edition tyres for their cars.

2019 Geneva Motor Show: Pirelli proposes coloured tyres as original equipment

© Pirelli


Continental’s success in the original equipment market

The main European car manufacturers have chosen Continental tyres to equip their vehicles.

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Enliten, the Bridgestone technology for more environmentally friendly tyres

Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone has unveiled its new “Enliten” technology for more environmentally friendly tyres. This technology will reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and rolling resistance by 20%.

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