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2020 Pirelli Calendar is “Looking for Juliet”

“Looking for Juliet”, the 47th edition of the Pirelli calendar, draws its inspiration from Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet”. Created for the first time by an Italian photographer, Paolo Roversi, the Cal was unveiled at Verona, the city where the drama of the tragedy took place, and more precisely, at the Philharmonic Theatre.

2020 Pirelli Calendar: Paolo Roversi photographed Claire Foy as Juliet

Natural and obscure photographs that depict Juliet, Shakespeare’s heroine. © Pirelli

A new Pirelli calendar and a short film

With a desire to innovate, in May, Paolo Roversi decided to merge photography with cinema by making a short film to accompany the calendar. In this 18 minute film, Paolo Roversi plays himself as a film director interviewing famous candidates to find the soul of Juliet “who exists in every woman”.

Claire Foy, Mia Goth, Chris Lee, Indya Moore, Rosalía, Stella Roversi, Yara Shahidi, Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson portray the young Capulet through a wide range of emotions and expressions.

2020 Pirelli Calendar: Claire Foy photographed by Paolo Roversi

© Pirelli

2020 Pirelli Calendar: Rosalia photographed by Paolo Roversi

© Pirelli

The short film tells a story in two phases: first the actresses arrive at the set without make-up or costumes. They audition by talking about what Juliet represents for them, revealing their intimate and personal side. Then, as they put on the costumes they transform to give their personal interpretation of the heroine. As such, fiction and reality come together, and the border between the two worlds blurs which echoes certain photographs which are deliberately hazy.

2020 Pirelli Calendar: Stella Roversi photographed by Paolo Roversi

© Pirelli

2020 Pirelli Calendar: Stella Roversi in her Juliet costume photographed by Paolo Roversi

© Pirelli

“I was looking for a pure soul, someone full of innocence that combined strength, beauty, tenderness and courage. I found this in the glimmer of an eye, in the gestures and words of Emma, Yara, Indya and Mia, in the smiles and tears of Kristen and Claire, in the voices and chants of Chris and Rosalía and in Stella, the innocence. Because there is a Juliet in every woman, and I will never stop looking for her”, said Paolo Roversi when discussing the creation of the Pirelli calendar.

Pirelli Calendar: more than an object, a work of art

Through the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, with his photos, Paolo Roversi wanted to convey the combination of beauty and love, simplicity and strength. By “Looking for Juliet”, he had the idea of designing the calendar like a unique graphic object deeply inspired by the opera libretto. Comprising 132 pages, the calendar has 58 photos in both colour and black-and-white along with extracts from the play.

We discover the different facets of “Juliet” and the city of Verona. Gilded letters, a drawing of a firmament, the birth dates and names of those portraying Juliet; constellations glorify the Pirelli calendar and reflect the poetry of this famous work of art.

2020 Pirelli Calendar: Indya Moore photographed by Paolo Roversi

© Pirelli

2020 Pirelli Calendar: Emma Watson photographed by Paolo Roversi

© Pirelli

Behind the scenes moments during the photo shoots and filming of the new Cal can be found on

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