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Starfire W200, a new winter tyre for compact cars

Starfire presents its new winter tyre, the W200. Designed for compact cars, it features all the latest technologies from the Cooper Group, which owns the brand.

Starfire W200 asymmetric tread design

An asymmetric version is available for the new H speed rated Starfire W200 


Manufactured in Cooper's plant in Serbia and tested in Alpine winter conditions, the latest addition to the Starfire brand’s lineup promises excellent performances in terms of grip in snow, slush and wet conditions.

The Starfire W200 benefits from TAG technology (Tapered Alternating Groove), characterised by forward facing shoulder grooves and V-slots that improve braking. With its high silica compound, the W200 provides enhanced grip in snow, slush and wet conditions without sacrificing longevity. The backward facing centre groove significantly improves traction. The H speed rated version has an asymmetric tread design that improves handling in snow and ice.

These assessments however, are based on information provided by the tyre manufacturer and in no way demonstrate the tyre’s real performance.

We will wait until we test this tyre or are able to see test results before commenting on its level of performance.  

Available dimensions

The new Starfire W200 will be available in 25 sizes, ranging from 13 to 16 inches with T and H speed ratings.


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