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Proxes CF2: Toyo’s new high performance tyre

Fuel efficiency, wet braking and longevity: The Toyo Proxes CF2 has made progress in all areas when compared with its predecessor. This is confirmed by the performances displayed on the tyre label (C, B, 70). Featuring the latest technological advances developed by the Japanese tyre manufacturer, this high performance tyre is designed for compact cars, saloons and MPVs.

The Toyo Proxes CF2, a more efficient summer tyre

The Toyo Proxes CF2, a more efficient summer tyre - Copyright © : Toyo

The introduction of European tyre labelling has prompted tyre manufacturers to review their product ranges; particularly for tyres that have obtained poor ratings for any of the criteria taken into account for tyre labelling. This is the case of Toyo with its Proxes range, whose CF1 model displays a mediocre F for fuel efficiency and a fairly average C for wet braking.

On these two points, its successor, the Toyo Proxes CF2, has made significant progress.  Featuring a high-tech compound, a stiffer tread and a lighter construction, this tyre offers a lower rolling resistance, shorter braking distances and increased mileage.

Low rolling resistance

Full silica tread compound

Copyright © : Toyo

According to Toyo, the Proxes CF2 offers 25% less rolling resistance than the Proxes CF1. The tyre label rating changes from F to C, thus achieving satisfactory energy efficiency (fuel consumption). To reach this result, Toyo has developed a full-silica tread compound containing, amongst other things, a “super-active” polymer that provides a better distribution of silica. The tyre manufacturer has also improved the longitudinal stiffness of the tread and lightened the tyre’s structure.

Safety on wet roads

The Toyo Proxes CF2’s Tread Pattern

Copyright © : Toyo

With this tyre, Toyo has also made significant progress in terms of safety. The Proxes CF2 offers a 15% better wet weather grip than the Proxes CF1. On the tyre label, its grade moves up from C to B. These good results are largely due to the “Grip” polymer used in the new compound which improves road holding on wet surfaces. The stiffer and more advanced tread pattern makes the tyre safer, even at high speed. The tyre also has wider grooves that effectively clear water to enhance aquaplaning resistance.

Mileage and driving comfort

Structure of the Toyo Proxes CF2

Copyright © : Toyo

Longevity is the third point that Toyo has focused on. The tyre manufacturer announces that the Proxes CF2 has a 41% longer tyre life than the CF1 model: An important feature in times of economic crisis... To achieve this, engineers have introduced a wear resistant polymer into the compound.  

They have also focused on the longitudinal stiffness of the tread pattern and the tyre structure.The Toyo Proxes CF2 also has a steel belt and new shoulder blocks allowing the tyre to deform in response to the road surface and as such, offer greater comfort and safety. The tyre is also quieter: With an external rolling noise of 70dB, it achieves a level 2 rating on the European tyre label.


The Toyo Proxes CF2 is available in 45 dimensions for 15 and 16 inch wheels (H and V speed ratings) as well as for 17 inch wheels (V speed rating).


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