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Nokian Snowproof P: a winter tyre with advanced grip

The Nokian tyre brand has already announced the launch of its new UHP winter tyre for Central European countries: the Snowproof P. High performance handling and reliable winter grip, a Nokian promise to deliver peace of mind for passenger car drivers.

Nokian Snowproof P winter tyre for snow and ice

New Nokian Snowproof P winter tyre. © Nokian Tyres

Nokian Snowproof P tested by a Formula 1 champion

Assisted by Mika Häkkinen, Finnish brand Nokian has developed the Snowproof P winter tyre at its White Hell test centre in Ivalo, Finland. The Formula 1 world champion has shared his racing expertise to create this high performance tyre.

According to Nokian, 60% of drivers in Central Europe consider that it is important to fit winter tyres during the cold months for safety reasons. Nearly 70% of them say that tyre grip and handling in winter conditions are two of the most important characteristics for drivers’ safety.

Safety and grip on snowy roads and slush situations come next. Drivers of high performance cars place the importance on grip on dry roads, precise handling at high speed and driving comfort.

Nokian has wanted to satisfy these drivers with the new technologies used for the Snowproof P.

A winter tyre with the Alpine Performance concept

In winter, weather can be unpredictable, ranging from mild conditions to sudden snowfalls. Even if weather conditions can be surprising during the winter months, drivers must keep a step ahead. Nokian, leading specialist of winter tyres, has worked on the Alpine Performance concept: an optimised tread pattern with dense siping. The new Nokian Snowproof P winter tyre uses this concept. The Alpine Performance concept provides an efficient combination of high grip and reliable handling in cold weather but also in mild weather, on ice and slush.

Compared with the Nokian WR A4, the change can be seen in the tread: the new pattern with lateral and longitudinal grooves provide a larger contact surface between the tyre and the road.

  • More grip whether on wet, slushy or snow covered roads
  • Improved steering precision, even when cornering
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning
  • Short braking distances
  • Lower wear

As for the tread blocks, they offer a fast steering response and a feeling of stability in difficult winter conditions and at high speed. The Snow Claws technologie between tread blocks act like “claws” to grip the surface of ice or snow to deliver maximum grip when braking and accelerating.

The strengths of the Nokian Snowproof P lie in its low rolling resistance for high fuel efficiency and to make savings.

Nokian Snowproof P winter tyre: driving on snow

© Nokian Tyres

Nokian Snowproof P: available tyre sizes

The Nokian Snowproof P will be available from autumn 2020 in 55 sizes for 17- to 21-inch rims for H, V and W speed ratings.


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