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Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect: the semi-slick connected tyre

Two years after the launch of its Track Connect solution, Michelin unveils its new semi-slick tyre, 100% compatible with its high performance technology: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tyre

Michelin’s new semi-slick Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tyre. © Michelin

When digital meets the track

Faster and better connected. With the launch of its new semi-slick Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tyre, Michelin wants to offer sports car drivers the very best in terms of performance. If its name comes from the old Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre and the “Track Connect” connected solution, the French brand is launching a completely new tyre with a lot of technical improvements. While Track Connect was only compatible with 11 sizes of the Pilot Sport Cup 2, it is now available for all models of the new PSC2 Connect tyre, suitable for more than 180 vehicles. The opportunity for all track fans to use Michelin’s connected solution to improve their lap times depending on driving conditions.

Tread pattern of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup-2 Connect

© Michelin

A tyre redesigned for an optimum driving experience

Although the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 was already a benchmark tyre on the track with countless speed records, the tyre manufacturer has pushed its limits even further with a new architecture for its tyre. The new semi-slick Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect combines several plies made from polyester, steel and polyamide for more stability and more security while keeping its sportiness. The Clermand-Ferrand tyre manufacturer has also used new technologies for the tyre’s structure and tread:

  • “Wavy Summit Architecture”: the addition of a layer of rubber under the structural steel cable reduces the response time of the tyre when driving while increasing the feeling of sportiness behind the wheel;
  • “Dynamic Response Technology”: a thin aramid and nylon belt just below the tread improves driving precision and the tyre’s behaviour when driving at high speed;
  • “Bi Compound Technology”: an asymmetrical tread pattern with, on the outside, a flexible elastomer which increases grip on dry surfaces when negotiating tight bends. On the inside, the more rigid elastomer optimises driving precision;
  • “High Molecular Chain”: a more homogeneous rubber compound which increases grip on wet surfaces while reducing the rolling resistance for more efficient tyre performance;
  • “Track Longevity Technology 2.0”: reinforcements on the external shoulder make the tyre more resistant to wear on the track while increasing its performance and maintain it lap after lap.

In real terms, these innovations can be summed up in one pretty conclusive figure for those accustomed to speed and the track. On average, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect is 7.29 seconds faster after 10 laps of the track than the previous generation of semi-slick tyres. Associated with the Track Connect application, the announced gain is 7.40 seconds after a series of 15 consecutive laps. These bold announcements from Michelin leave us eagerly awaiting the next tests for confirmation.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect semi-slick tyre fitted on a BMW M2 CS rim

© Michelin

What car for the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect?

Although the semi-slick Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect tyre is road legal, it is primarily designed for track use. If your vehicle produces between 200 and 750 HP; and you like (or want) to drive on the track, there is a good chance that this is the right tyre for you. Available in 41 sizes when released, Michelin says it covers 95% of the sports tyre market with an offer for 17- to 21-inch rims.

To mark the launch of its ultra-sporty tyre, the French tyre manufacturer has joined forces with BMW and its sports division to fit the radical and highly anticipated BMW M2 CS as original equipment.


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