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Michelin Agilis 3, the new summer tyre for light duty vehicles

Tyre manufacturer Michelin launched the Agilis Crossclimate last year. The French manufacturer continues to develop its tyre range for light duty vehicles by announcing the upcoming launch of the new Agilis 3 summer tyre.

Michelin Agilis 3, the new summer tyre for light commercial vehicles

Michelin has announced the launch of the Agilis 3 tyre in April 2020 © Michelin

With the Agilis 3, Michelin is committed to sustainable mobility

At the 2019 Solutrans show, Michelin presented the Agilis 3, a summer tyre for light duty vehicles designed to provide sustainable performance. The brand’s strategy is in favour of the development of cleaner and more efficient mobility, which it intends to apply to all of its products, from car tyres to truck tyres.

A policy that mainly concerns light duty vehicles which play a key role in transporting goods in urban environments, and are used on many delivery routes or for all types of trips. Michelin requires tyres that are produced from efficient materials and resources and have a longer life to reduce its environmental impact. This is the case of the Agilis 3 which provides excellent energy efficiency:

  • The Michelin Agilis 3 weighs about one kilogramme less than the Agilis 2. It therefore requires fewer natural resources to produce it and as such, there is less waste to recycle at the end of its life. Furthermore, its reduced weight results in fuel savings thanks to its lower rolling resistance.
  • The Michelin Agilis 3 reduces the CO2 emissions of a light commercial vehicle by “100 kg on average over a distance of 20,000 km”, according to in-house tests carried out by the Group. This is equivalent to the “CO2 stored in approximately three trees and a fuel consumption reduction of 0.12 litres / 100 km and a saving of €100”*.
Michelin Agilis 3: truck tyre technology for light duty vehicles

© Michelin

Truck tyre technology for light duty vehicles

Michelin has found that dry braking performance can improve over time. However, wet braking performance can deteriorate as the tyre wears. The brand has wanted to push the limits of the Agilis 3 tyre even further by designing it to deliver high-level braking performance on wet roads, all the way down to the legal tread wear indicator (1.6 mm), in line with its sustainable tyre policy.

Thanks to different innovative technologies including EverGrip, Michelin has obtained promising results for its new summer tyre for light duty vehicles:

  • An optimised mixture of silica and carbon black improves wet braking performance while guaranteeing a high level of safety throughout the tyre’s life.
  • The new tread pattern with deep grooves offers flexible tread blocks and superior handling on wet roads. U-shaped grooves increase the land-to-sea ratio at a tread depth of 2 mm, for efficient water evacuation all the way down to the legal tread wear limit of 1.6 mm.
  • For Agilis 3 tyres, Michelin has used technologies previously reserved for trucks for the first time: a special rubber compound with a high resistance to abrasion and a tread pattern produced using a patented technology which combats stone retention.
  • Like with the Agilis CrossClimate, the new Agilis 3 summer tyres will be equipped with sidewall protections composed of an additional layer of rubber on the sidewall that shields the tyre from scrubbing.

Availability of the Michelin Agilis 3

The Michelin Agilis 3 tyre will be available in 12 sizes in April 2020 with 24 sizes available by the end of July 2020.


*. “Based on in-house Life Cycle Analysis work carried out in September 2019 by Michelin’s Technology Centre comparing the MICHELIN Agilis 3 with the MICHELIN Agilis+ (235/65-R16 115/113R), the Agilis 3 reduces CO2 emissions/per tyre by 1.3 kg over a distance of 1,000 km compared with the Agilis+.In the case of a vehicle equipped with four Agilis 3 tyres, covering 20,000 km/year, the reduction in CO2 emissions is equivalent to 104 kg of CO2 Considering that a tree can store up to 35 kg of CO2/year on average, (depending on the tree’s species and age). Source:Michelin CSR & Sustainable development platform. Calculation based on Michelin’s estimation of the distance covered by the tyre in the course of its first life, i.e. 60,000km, the calculation gives (60,000km x 0.12 litres / 100km x €1.4/litre = €100).”


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