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From 2021, tyre labels will indicate more information

Following a public consultation, the European Commission has proposed a new regulation on tyre labelling. This regulation will make tyre labels more visible, more accurate and more future proof.

Tyre labelling: new rating criteria for the European tyre label from 2021

Tyre labelling: new rating criteria for the European tyre label from 2021. © Adobe

A new regulation for tyres

Introduced in 2012, the European tyre label is about to change! The European Commission has struck a provisional deal to improve this famous tyre label. It will allow consumers to make better choices thanks to increased awareness and the addition of new criteria: mileage, resistance to abrasion, grip on snow and ice. The label will also be introduced on tyres for heavy duty vehicles, not covered until now.

The new version of the European label on tyres will be based on the EU energy label, used to evaluate several electrical appliances, while maintaining its original pictograms.

An initiative welcomed by Miguel Arias Cañete, Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy: “Energy efficiency first also applies to the way we drive! By switching to the most energy efficient tyres, European citizens can reduce their fuel consumption significantly, saving money and helping the environment. This is the European path to real energy security and climate protection”.

These new rules will bring energy savings equivalent to taking 4 million cars off EU roads every year, the Commission claims. Next step? The approval by the European Parliament and Council. The new regulation will come into force on 1st May 2021.

How to understand information on EU tyre label?


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